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Choosing your kitchen flooring

It’s a great time to renew your flooring when you have a new kitchen installed. There are some really stunning flooring options out there that work so well with, and complement, our bespoke kitchens. We design beautiful kitchens not only to match your style, but meet your everyday needs. We guide our clients through all elements of a kitchen design, including providing recommendations on extras from floor to ceiling, and ensure that the final product balances design and practicality.

As one of the leading kitchen designers and manufacturers in Berkshire, Surrey, and Buckinghamshire we know what works and what doesn’t. In the last decade, we have built and installed more bespoke luxury kitchens than we can remember, and in that time, we’ve helped many households decide which flooring will work best for them. 

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Let’s look at some of the most popular materials chosen for kitchen flooring and why.


Tiles make a very popular choice for kitchen flooring, with being a room of the home that can see a lot of footfall and the occasional spillage they tend to be more durable than other types of flooring. There are two categories for tiles and they are either man-made or natural stone. Man-made tiles include the likes of ceramic, porcelain, or cement, they are created and baked to create a durable tile. Stone tiles are natural and created from a cut of marble, granite, slate or limestone, each tile can be very different due to the fact that they come from a natural material. Some tiles will need to be sealed, especially natural stone tiles as they are porous and will require some surface sealer reapplied over time.

Man-made tiles are less likely to scratch and are most durable for a busy home. Larger tiles are more waterproof and the floor is generally easier to clean as there is less grouting. Tiles can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, you can go for big and bold, shiny and smooth, natural and warm, mosaic and intricate. They can look new or rustic depending on the look you’re going for. There are so many styles to choose from and it really does come down to what works with your kitchen and what suits your style.


The best wooden floor for your kitchen will depend on your personal circumstances and how much you want to take care of your flooring. Many people choose wood as they like the natural look of it. Kitchens can sometimes feel cold with lots of hard, shiny spaces and adding a wood floor can add warmth to the room. Solid wood, reclaimed wood, and engineered wood can all be possibilities but the aftercare advice should be followed to maintain its look and lifespan and to reduce potential damage from heat or moisture. 

There are many types of wood used for flooring and we would recommend to go for a hardwood such as oak, maple or cherry for greater longevity. Reclaimed wood is good for the environment as you’re using something that is recycled and can also give a really great rustic look. Wood can be laid in planks of many different sizes or as wooden bricks such as parquet or herringbone flooring. Engineered wood looks like solid wood however the core is made from materials that are considered more stable than solid wood when exposed to moisture and heat and finished with a top layer of hardwood.

Wood can scratch easier than tiles however it is something that can be sanded and resealed for a fresh look once again. Engineered wood is recommended over solid wood for its strength and durability in the layers it is made from as solid wood can expand and bow more in the heat and moisture of a kitchen. With the right installation, sealant and after care you can successfully have a wooden floor in your kitchen if this is something that suits your style best.  

Luxury vinyl or laminate flooring

This type of flooring can come in designs and styles that mimic the look of wood or tiles and usually comes with a lifetime guarantee which makes it a perfect choice for many. Choosing luxury vinyl or laminate flooring comes with many benefits including that it is water and stain resistant, hygienic and easy to clean, warm and comfortable, and most important for many is that it is highly durable. Its strength comes from a strong rigid core and topped with a hardwearing vinyl or laminate design. Many people choose it as it has the perfect balance of firmness and bounce meaning springs slightly when you walk on it for a nice feel underfoot. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is made from PVC-based materials, which makes it incredibly tough. It is perfect for families with children or pets, and heavy footfall in the kitchen. People tend to choose laminate if they are looking for a slightly more cost-effective option as its core is made of wood however a waterproof design should always be chosen for the kitchen otherwise it can bubble and bow with the changing moisture and heat of a kitchen. 

How to choose the right flooring for your kitchen 

While Tile, Wood, Luxury Vinyl & Laminate are the most popular choices; you may have your mind set on something else, maybe even a polished concrete mix for a more industrial feel, while carpet is the least likely material to be chosen or advised due to the likelihood of kitchen spills and stains and that it is not very hygienic for such a room. We’re happy to help or advise from our experience of what works well with the design we create for you. 

You’re not alone in making your decision. We take the time to conduct a personal consultation in order to help you choose the right materials. As part of the design process, we help you select the right colours, style and components to complement the space and we’ll look to advise on extras where necessary.

Whether you are the type of person that would prefer a hardwearing and durable floor that you don’t have to worry too much about, or someone who is happy to keep up the maintenance that comes with owning a natural floor, when it comes to your flooring it comes down to personal requirements. If you’re ever in doubt your supplier can provide samples to see what suits your mood best before your bespoke kitchen is installed. We have a few suppliers we’ve worked closely with and would be more than happy to introduce them to you.

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