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Choosing your perfect kitchen sink

When having your bespoke kitchen designed it can be really exciting choosing a new kitchen sink, it may be something you’ve dreamed about for ages, maybe it’s a single large farmhouse sink or something that you know will make your life easier and it has to be stainless steel with a double bowl and draining board. Whatever you go for it needs to fit with your desired kitchen style while still being functional to work well with your everyday tasks. 

Sinks are a vital part of your kitchen, used for preparing food, cleaning dishes, to washing hands. There are many types out there that work so well with, and complement, our bespoke kitchens. We design beautiful kitchens not only to match your style, but meet your everyday needs. We guide our clients through all elements of a kitchen design, including providing recommendations on all areas of the kitchen and ensure that the final product balances design and practicality.

As one of the leading bespoke kitchen designers and manufacturers in Berkshire, Surrey, and Buckinghamshire we know what works and what doesn’t. In the last decade, we have built and installed more bespoke luxury kitchens than we can remember, and in that time, we’ve helped many households decide which sink will work best for them. 

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There are many considerations to make when choosing your new sink. From deciding on the right material, to how you want it installed, to the configuration, depth, size and where it is to be located in your kitchen.  


Firstly, you’ve got to think about what material you would like to go for. Here are the top three materials chosen; 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless Steel is a very practical affordable choice, chosen by many and you’ll see it used a lot commercially as it is extremely durable. It is resistant to heat, stains and cleaning products, and you can’t chip or crack it. You can get stainless steel sinks in various looks from polished to brush effect. A downside to this material is with everyday use they can often get scratched or show water spots so you’ll need regular maintenance to keep it looking at its best and ensure not to throw any heavy sharp knives into the bowl.  


Ceramic sinks give that traditional feel, and fit especially well with designs that have the farmhouse, country look. A butler or farmhouse sink can be a really striking visual element of your kitchen. Its smooth surface is easy to clean and won’t show watermarks, however with this type of sink you’ve got to take care not to chip it. It is also quite a heavy material so you must ensure that your worktop can take the weight of it and it is fitted by a professional. 


Composite sinks are very trendy, there is a vast amount of choice out there of styles, finishes, shades and colours from black and white, to cream and grey and made from various materials and suit many contemporary kitchen designs. They are extremely durable against heat, stains and scratches and can be coated in an anti-bacterial surface which is easy to keep clean. They can be discoloured by harsh chemicals so you’ve got to take care when cleaning. 


There are various ways your new kitchen sink can be installed. Sinks can be designed to drop-in, sit under mount/recessed, dual mount with a flat rim or farmhouse which sometimes extends out slightly from the cabinetry. They all have their own pros and cons. 

Size, Depth and Configuration

Once you have decided on what type of material and installation you would like you can then have a look at various sizes of sink, the depths of them and configuration. Maybe you want a single large and deep bowl that’s roomier for washing large pots and pans, or you are needing a double bowl 60/40 to stack up the dirty plates while washing veg in the other. Another consideration is to have a drainer, and if so, do you have the drainer to the left or right. The choice is completely yours and what is most practical for your home. 


Kitchen sinks can be fitted into your kitchen island or even under a window so you can wash with a view. There is a traditional method of placing your sink called ‘the kitchen triangle’ which considers where the sink, stove and fridge are placed. However; the triangle method is not always a logical set up, therefore it is sometimes best to consider the work zones within your kitchen to help guide where best to position your sink. 

How to choose the right sink for your kitchen 

While Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Composite are the most popular choices; you may have your mind set on something else, maybe even Concrete for a more industrial feel, or a prefabricated Corian sink or one that is completely seamless with your worktop. You might even want to find a completely bespoke design, like something made from wood which would be a great talking point at parties in the kitchen. 

While there are so many sinks to choose from, you’re not alone in making your decision. We take the time to conduct a personal consultation in order to help you choose the right one. As part of the design process, we help you select the right colours, style and components to complement the space and we’ll look to advise on extras where necessary.

When it comes to your sink it comes down to personal requirements. If you’re ever in doubt we can show you many types of sinks that have been fitted into kitchens we have designed and your chosen supplier can provide visuals to see what suits your mood best before your bespoke kitchen is installed. We have a few suppliers we’ve worked closely with and would be more than happy to introduce them to you.  

And finally, ensure that your new sink is paired nicely with your new tap.

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