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Choosing your ideal splashback

We take the time to get to know our clients’ true requirements and design beautiful kitchens not only to complement your style but meet your everyday needs. We guide our clients through the pitfalls of kitchen design and ensure that the final product balances form and function.

As one of the leading kitchen designers and manufacturers in Berkshire, Surrey, and Buckinghamshire we know what works and what doesn’t. In the last decade, we have built and installed more bespoke luxury kitchens than we can remember, and in that time, we’ve matched thousands of splashbacks to households.

Splashbacks were once installed as a means to protect walls. Now, the colour, pattern, and type of material chosen can make a significant difference to the feel of your kitchen, darker colours can bring an air of sophistication while bright colours can be uplifting.

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Let’s look at some of the best materials used for splashbacks and why.

The best splashbacks not only elevate your kitchen design but demonstrate that you have clearly thought out its usage to suit your lifestyle; our expert team can help you to decide on what’s right for your bespoke kitchen. There are three materials most commonly used; Tiles, Mirrored Glass and Stainless Steel. All can be installed to make a style statement while fitting in with your everyday life.


Kitchens come in all styles and sizes, which is why tiles can make an ideal choice. If the party’s always in the kitchen, and you’re concerned about splashes from food and liquid showing up, choose a stone or rough effect tile; these will appear cleaner for longer. Choosing a glass tile or a style with a reflective or glossy finish will show up marks, however, a quick wipe and they’re glossy again. A statement can also be made in the choice of grout, a darker colour can be easier to maintain than white and appear quite striking.

We install various types of tiles: ceramic, glass, and porcelain, to name a few. All are durable and made to last.

Mirrored Glass

A customised mirror splashback is a great option as it is easy to clean and hygienic. The reflective properties of the glass amplify the natural light in your kitchen, making small spaces feel larger. The tempered glass we use resists any damage from heat or moisture, and there are various finishes and tints available to complement any kitchen style. Mirrored glass in a feature colour is a great way to add a pop of colour to lighter kitchens.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel splashbacks do give great protection to kitchen walls. They are also a sleek and practical way to enhance the look and feel of your new bespoke kitchen. As stainless steel has great resistance to heat, these splashbacks are often fitted to the wall behind the cooker hob or used as decorative panels in hard-wearing areas. They also reflect light and give a professional feel to any space.

How to choose the right splashback for your kitchen

While Tile, Mirrored Glass & Stainless Steel are the most popular choices to enhance style; you may have your mindset on a matching splashback for a seamless finish or something with the flexibility to update. The majority of our worktops can be installed with a matching splashback or upstand, composite is a great choice and can be formed into any shape – perfect for any awkward areas. On occasion, we have even had requests for wallpaper – this is specialised paper; created in unbreakable PVC, safe for liquid splashes and heat, and finished with a UV-resistant print so they are still suitable for bringing life into the room, even behind the hob. 

You’re not alone in making your decision. We take the time to conduct a personal consultation in order to help you choose the right material. As part of the design process, we help you select the right colour to complement the space and we’ll look to use your splashback to add extra light where necessary.

We’ll also guide you in deciding whether or not your kitchen design would benefit from a statement splashback or simply just an upstand to seal the back of the work surface for a neat, professional finish. The Covid pandemic has seen a big shift in the way people use their homes, and specifically, their kitchens; with people working from home more often, brightness and colour in such a key area of their homes make a huge difference to the ambiance. If you’re ever in doubt we can provide samples to see what suits your mood best once your bespoke kitchen is installed.

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