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Things to Avoid when Planning a Bespoke Kitchen

As one of the leading kitchen designers and manufacturers in Berkshire, Surrey, and Buckinghamshire we’ve seen it all. In the last decade, we have built and installed more bespoke luxury kitchens than we can remember, and in that time, we have learned what works and what really doesn’t.

Part of our service is to get to know what our clients’ true requirements are and to design a beautiful kitchen around functionality. We guide our clients through the pitfalls of kitchen design and ensure that the final product balances form and function.

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For now, let’s look at some of the most common mistakes people make when designing their own kitchen.

Cutlery Storage

How many of you store cooking utensils with table cutlery? Did you know that by separating them out and storing them in different locations you can not only make getting to your knives and forks easier, but you won’t end up overpacking your drawers making them impossible to open – think potato masher in a drawer. Also, keeping cutlery near the dining area and cooking utensils near the cooking area, makes mealtimes all the more efficient.

A Focal Point

Design features can bring character to your kitchen, something that draws the eye, or is interesting to look at can really be a conversation piece while fulfilling an important function. This is overlooked so often with some kitchen designs. It doesn’t have to be a dominating feature either, for large spaces it could be something as simple as a statement island or larder; while for smaller spaces you might choose an impactful splashback or colour scheme. Statement lighting is also a great way to create a focal point in your kitchen and can highlight your favourite part or where you’d like people to gather when hosting.

Multiple Occupancy

Many homeowners insist on having a kitchen island. They’re great for storage, as work surfaces, dining areas, and a spot to get your homework done. However, many designers forget that the space around the island is what’s important. Designing a kitchen island which fits snuggly into a kitchen space can make having more than one person in the kitchen uncomfortable. That’s why we make sure that we consider the realities of life in our designs; ensuring plenty of room for anyone who needs to whip up a quick bite to eat.

Wall Storage

We agree that wall storage is an important aspect of kitchen design, but make sure that your kitchen space can cope. All too often we see wall cabinetry dominating the room, making it feel small and claustrophobic; we also see wall cabinetry looking out of place in rooms with larger floor space. When designing your bespoke kitchen, we ensure that all of your storage is custom-measured to fit with the surroundings. There is no ‘making-do’, we strive for design, form and function perfection every time.

Style Over Substance

Speaking of which, too many people design their kitchen using Instagram or Pinterest as their reference and creating a Frankenstein’s Monster of a kitchen. Part of getting to know you and your requirements is finding out how you and your family live and use the kitchen space. This helps us to choose materials, colours, and layouts which will suit your lifestyle, and if our kitchens happen to be extremely instagrammable… we’ll take that too!

We’re not about ‘standard

When we design a kitchen, we look at what the space is used for. Many households now have extensive collections of mixers and kitchen equipment, not to mention vast amounts of crockery, cutlery, and glassware – this means that ‘off-the-shelf’ cabinetry is out of the question. So, when designing the storage solutions, we look at shelf height, weight-bearing drawers, and hidden compartments to ensure that all of your cupboards are fit for purpose and you’re not having to deal with split drawer runners or damaged shelving after 12 months of use.

At Maple and Gray, we design bespoke, beautiful, and functional kitchens which cater to your specific requirements. Our kitchens are hand-built and unique for each client and are finished to the highest standard.

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